Newsletter Editor

Duties: To attend all monthly District meetings, make a “best effort” to meet the Accessibility/Special Needs requirements of alcoholics in the district, in accordance with the vision and guidance of the Area Accessibility Committee, and attend all Area Accessibility Committee quarterlies.

To attend all monthly District meetings, publish a monthly newsletter, maintain an accurate mailing list for groups and individual subscribers, distribute a copy of the newsletter to each home group, keep home groups and individual subscribers informed of thier subscription status, collect and pass on subscription moneies to the district treasurer, and attend all Area 72 Newsletter committee quarterlies.

Newsletter Editor Job Description

Publishes, on a monthly basis, a newsletter which serves as our principal communication tool within the Area. Editor may appoint a working committee to assist in the format, content and distribution of the Newsletter. Receives, formats and edits news received from the Area and prepares for bulk mailing. editor’s duties.