Archives Committee

District 21 Duties and Guidelines

The Archivist collects, organizes and stores historical materials which are pertinent to the District. Duties: To attend all monthly District meetings, Report acquisitions to the archives and request assistance in maintaining district materials in good condition, maintain a historical display of AA materials, set up and display archival materials when requested, and attend all Area 72 Archive Committee quarterlies.

Area 72 Archives Chair Job Description

The Archives Chair schedules and chairs up to four Archive Committee Quarterlies annually. Maintains and schedulesa portable display of historical materials which is to be made available to A.A. service functions.

The committee works closely with the Area Archives Steering Committee to collect, organize, store, maintain, and display historical files and materials pertinent to the Area and to A.A. in general. The Archives Chair relies upon the advice and counsel of the Steering Committee in carrying out the duties of the Archives Chair which include management of the Archives Repository.

AA Guidelines from GSO

A.A. Guidelines are compiled from the shared experience of A.A. members in various service areas. They also reflect guidance given through the Twelve Traditions and the General Service Conference (U.S. and Canada). The purpose of these Guidelines is to assist in reaching an informed group conscience….[View AA Guidlines]