The Accessibility Committee makes a best effort to meet the Accessibility/Special Needs requirements of alcoholics in the district, in accordance with the guidance of the Area Accessibility Committee.


The Archivist collects, organizes and stores historical materials which are pertinent to the District.

Cooperation with Professional Community (CPC)

The CPC Committee provides the professional community (the institutions and individuals who come into contact with alcoholics) with information about what AA is, what AA can & can’t do, and how to contact local AA.


The Corrections Committee is the key link to getting meetings and literature to those inside local correctional facilities.

Grapevine & Literature

The GV & L Chair informs the local fellowship about AA literature, and how to obtain literature and service materials.


The Newsletter Committee or Editor attends local District meetings, publishes a monthly newsletter, maintains an accurate mailing list for groups and individual subscribers, distributes a copy of the newsletter to home groups. District 21 is currently not publishing a newsletter at this time.

Public Information (PI)

The PI Committee is responsible for making AA accessible when anyone reaches out for help, (by informing the public and carrying the message of AA outside of AA).

Treatment Facilities

The Treatment Committee provides hospitals and treatment facilities within District 21 with information and volunteers to assist patients in treatment and in the transition from treatment to AA.


The Web Committee serves the district in a PI/CPC capacity, providing an online presence as a clearinghouse of local AA news, information and resources. This committee lists available info on upcoming recovery-based activities in the region, and maintains current online and printable District meeting schedules.